BONANZA ENTERPRISES, Property Management and Development, Toronto, ONTARIO, CANADA.

We are offering the general public the chance to own this lake-country all-season home near Balsam Lake, Ontario, Canada, by submitting a no less than 150 words essay – along with a CDN. $200 entry fee. We will even manage the property for One Year, without cost to you!! Thereafter, we can manage it at 7% of rental income, monthly, if you want us to continue.

This building is located in a very desirable cottage country, practically on the edge of one of the most popular lakes in Ontario, and yet in a quaint village. This lake is noted for its fishing, its boating ( on the Trent Water System) and swimming.

We hope to attract 500 entrants into the contest. The winner will get the deed to the unit. Legal fees and  associated Transfer taxes to be paid by winner, ( estimated to be not more than $5,000.00). The property has a market value of $165,000.00. It can generate up to $10,000.00 in annual rental revenues or $$$ in furure values!

The contest closes August 15, 2011. In the event that the contest attracts fewer than 500 entries, each entry fee will be returned – minus a $10.00 handling fee. The essay must be in English or French and may be of any interesting topic. ( Hate and rascist topics not acceptable).  More information is available by emailing here

Confirmation and address verification:  write to Box 422, Stn C, Toronto, ON. Canada. M6J 3P5. (mail) or ( email)

After or together with payment, please send completed essay to : Bonanza Enterprises, Box 422, Stn C, Toronto, ON. Canada. M6J 3P5.or email in word or Adobe format to All submissions will become the property of Bonanza Enteprises.

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