To be the big small long distance Company, interested in the sharing of earnings with charity organizations, non-profit groups, small business' not wanting to pay high membership fees and the small to large user simply interested in paying less after years and years of big Telco monopolies lining their shareholders pockets with artificially high long distance charges. We aim to bundle telecommunication services as a one-stop provider for your communications and computer needs.

Our Corporate policy has been and will continue to be: To provide state-of-the-art telecommunication services where the Customer should always SAVE MORE, yet, receive BETTER Customer service.We aim to continue with this policy by maintaining lower overhead, engaging personable and work-ethic conscious staff, progressing our relationships with small-business suppliers and technical developers, and sharing the profit margin available thereafter.

To this extent, we have been successful. Thanks to aggressive and open market services by alternate and competetive companies like ourselves, long distance rates are, today, a fraction of what they used to be years ago.