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  Pleas   Please use these valuable coupons (or pass them along to a friend) ( one coupon per purchase);

Booths   Booths available. Vendors interested may visit us (ask for Frank):

Mal-Ma                         Mal-Mart The Little Fleamarket and Specialty Shops at Honeydale Mall, 5555 Dundas St W (W of Kipling Stn.)                                                                                          127 Westmore, Unit 113, ( Hwy 27 and Finch)


    Use this coupon to get 25% off our wide range of wonderful collections

of jewelry, fine art paintings, porcelain and historical items.

Coupon can also be used towards purchase of antique furniture.


 Unique Clothing and Accessories

Brand name and urban fashions

Everything Must Go!

Choose from 2 separate Booths!

Use this coupon to receive 30% off all purchases.


Alisha’s Alterations

Please use this coupon to receive 10% off

on all alterations and repairs.

Also receive 20% off on all ladies’ Custom Suits.

(Note: Regular prices are already 50% lower than in any other mall.)

(Offer good until Dec 15 2009)



Genuine name brand Fragrances up to 50% off compared to any Department store prices. Authenticity Guaranteed.

We carry a wide variety of M.A.C cosmetics at discounted prices.

Please use this coupon for a free gift, in the purchase of any fragrance,

and in the purchase BURBERRY BRITT 100 ML for only

$50.00 (Tax included) compared to any Department store retail price of $95.00+Tax!



Pet’s Paradise

This $25 Gift Certificate can be used towards the purchase of any puppy in store.

Please bring this coupon to receive 5% Discount toward purchase of any Fish, Bird, Snake, Turtle, Rabbit and cages & aquariums.



  Listen and watch: music & movies

3 ‘super special’ reasons to visit us:

3 CDs for $27 super special!

3 LPs for $27 super special!

3 DVD movies for $27 super special!

One amazing offer:

Use this coupon to receive another CD, DVD or Vinyl LP

absolutely FREE when you purchase from the above ‘Super Specials”.

(offer valid until Dec 18 2009 or check in-store)


Abba to Zappa Vinyl LPs                   Over 7,000 titles available!

Use this coupon to receive

25% off any Michael Jackson or The Beatles albums!

Coupon also good toward these great Christmas gifts:

Collectible posters, framed Picture Discs and autographed items!

$25 Gift Cards also available.

(offer valid until Dec 18 2010 or check in-store)

NO CREDIT CARD? No Problem! We can handle all financial transactions, line of credit requirements or CASH transactions to assist with your purchase or sale. contact here and provide us with your location OR select payment method you desire.



WISH TO SELL HERE?,  please contact webmaster for LOW rates. We also accept Consignments. ALL LOCAL RETAILERS AND PROVIDERS, HEREIN,  VOUCHED FOR BY BONANZA ENTERPRISES, Box 422, Stn C, Toronto. ON., Canada. M6J 3P5. Tel: 416 760 8502. Fax 416 760 8643

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