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COMET TELECOMMUNICATIONS is a customer-friendly, community-oriented, Canadian-owned, Toronto-based Organization. Since de-regulation of the industry, Comet has been providing customers with lower long distance rates. We are proud of our associations with new and established local businesses; non-profit environmental, housing and social groups; magazine publications and media companies AND with independant business entrepreneurs in other countries. We welcome inquiries from individuals and from any organization or group concerning benefits available using our services.

Our communications network include Bell Canada lines, Custom designed Switches and associated facilities ensuring the same state of the art technology, reliability and quality presently available from and within your area.

You may elect to make calls direct-dialed or using our access code. Each member of your household or business may make calls using PIN codes for bill tracking purposes.


HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS can be saved by users within the attached map, using our Extended Area Calling. Simply, by dialing into our system and then entering your destination number, you will not incur any long distance charges; just a monthly flat-fee of $4.95 !!. For Same Day activation, call 416 821 7599.


Our long distance savings are offered without monthly charges or minimum call requirements and effectively save you up to 25% off your local phone company published rates.

For example: Based on evening/weekend calling,

  • Calls to your neighbouring exchanges are as low as 4.5 cents per minute
  • Calls to the furthest Canadian points are as low as 6.50 cents per minute
  • Calls to the USA are as low as 8.20 cents per minute
WORLD-WIDE Calling Card:

for Direct Dialed WORLD RATES




APPLY HERE FOR "Code/PIN Access" LONG DISTANCE SERVICE WITH BETTER SAVINGS( Available to Toronto, Canada users only)

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