I am a full-fledged consultant for ALL real estate projects, financing and personal or business Loan needs.

When you wish to buy or invest:

1. I determine YOUR requirements and needs and exit strategies;

2. I work on your financing needs for the project/acquisition;

3. I select and work with licensed practitioners, when and where needed, to locate and isolate the property of your choice/need;

4. I make the selection with or on your behalf, using my own and cumulative experience of many in the respective fields;

5. I negotiate the best price, terms and conditions, using experience and knowledge to your benefit;

6. I work on final financing needs, legal needs and municipal compliances;

7. I work on tenancies, continuing property management and legal issues;

8. I work on positive cash-flow or tax-deduction losses, and assets/liabilities with your accountant;

9. I work with marketers to complete the sale of your real estate assets to your expectations.

--- and so on, so that a feeling of satisfaction accompanies the completion of your transaction..


In matters of selling or refinancing your property:

1. I work with bankers, ( private and institutional ), appraisers, insurers, lawyers, to get the best for you, whether your situation is normal or urgent;

2. I handle and work with contractors, handypersons, suppliers when required;

3. I work on getting the buyer that will give you what you want;

-- and so on, so that you may complete the sale at least a little better than you may accomplish on your own or without expert help.


My fees are always negotiable, and in general are at least:

-$100.00 to share my knowledge and experience to boost your bottom-line or start you up as a real-estate tycoon or help reduce your liability.

-$50.00 to start a credit-application inquiry for mortgage purposes

-$250 to $500 to complete an application package for guaranteed approval residential/commercial mortgages;

-$1,000 to $3,500 to complete an application package for guaranteed approval Business Loans

-$250 to $5,000.00 as commitment fees on guaranteed approved mortgages/loans

- $150 per hour in stressful cases involving property litigation, legal referral, and lawyer contacts.

In many circumstances, no advances are required when our participation is more secured. Please contact me at 416-821-7599 or for appointment scheduling.

Please Note: I am not a licensed Real Estate or Mortgage Agent; But I believe few agents in these fields have more experience, knowledge and integrity than I. I am not a pretender; I am a doer!