Effective with the October 1999 billing, Comet Telecommunications Inc. and Bonanza Enterprises Inc. Customers, who have not otherwise designated a charity or non-profit organization as the recipient of our contribution program, may have a portion of their paid-up account ( presently 1%, before taxes) donated to a Charity Organization to help the Homeless and the Needy KIDS in and around Toronto

The Benefits: This donation will help such organizations in their efforts to help those that need out contributions. This is always a most satisfying token of assistance from those that have to those that have not. In Toronto, itself, the homeless have become a major concern because of the lack of affordable housing, Across the World, financial help is required for those suffering the effects of natural disasters, humankind abuses,  un-relenting diseases, famines and wars..... We extend our assistance, in the form of customer donations, to help alleviate these sufferings. Please contact our office to be registered in this effort.

Our billing will detail the donation amount and if such Non-Profit organization is registered in Canada, you will further save by not paying taxes on the contributed amount.

WE invite inquiries from the homeless, the poor and the needy Charitable Organizations, registered in Canada,  to participate in the funds raised through such donations. Please write or email using the addresses on the Home Page